Moss and Algae imageMoss and Algae image

Moss and Algae

Growth can be removed with a simple “soft” non-corrosive and environmentally friendly treatment which can be used on a wide range of surfaces with amazing results!    

Someone slips over every 5 minutes and this normally occurs on wet or contaminated areas. 
Most slips are due to poor maintenance and cleaning. 
Solutions are often simple and cost effective.
Cost to employers is £500+ million per year.
Cost to the National Health Service is £133+ million per year.

Algae and moss can be not only unsightly but also dangerous if left untreated on driveways, paths, play areas, walkways, factories, decking, marinas, pavements and any other areas that are used by the public. In these litigious times, companies and individuals are regularly being sued by people who have fallen due to the growth of moss and algae. Therefore, the removal of these can be a sound investment  
A gentle Moss and Algae treatment, it is not damaging to the surface materials particularly when used on older more weathered roof tiles, slates and masonry.

This should start to wither after 24hrs, depending on the size of the balls and the expose to wind and rain. 

This dies almost immediately, and results will be noticed within 24-48hrs. A residue may be left if the layer is quite thick but this will disperse with the weather or brushing.

This will take a little longer as they can be well-encrusted onto the surface. After may weather cycles they will finally come away, and the dark background discolouration found on many roofs should eventually wash away. This process can take several weeks to fully disperse. 

The treatment is ideal for those slippery paving slabs, particularly during the damp winter periods. 
  • Garden Furniture
  • Fences, decking and other woodwork (It is also a works as a effective wood preserve)
  • Hard surface driveways or patios ie, paving, tarmac, concrete
  • Brickwork, stonework, masonry, house exteriors, monuments & memorials (Approved by Historic Scotland)
  • Caravans and vehicles
  • Conservatories and greenhouses
  • Gravestones